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    using SED

    I'd like to use sed to erase all newline from a file. sed uses *nix RE syntax, but I can't guess how to write a simple command to remove white characters (\x20\r\n\v\t) from a file....

    I found this page with some basic info, which lead me to conclude that sed works line by line.... Who can I make it join all lines in one??
    assume \r\n newlines, but I want to clear all whitespaces.

    thanks in advance
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    hmm, I don't know if you can do this with sed, you can probably do it with awk though, use the printf function of awk and just don't put in the "\n". If I remember the syntax, it would be something like:

    $ awk '{printf("%d", $*);}'
    That might not be exactly right, but I know it's something like that, I've done it before, maybe do a quick search for an awk tutorial.

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