Thread: Get data from mysql and use in a system.

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    Get data from mysql and use in a system.


    I have tried to make at little code for my linux machine but it is not so easy.

    How the code will work.

    - it grab the date from my localhost mysql.
    - Run a system commando (echo ‘text’|/home/stats –id testid)
    o Where “text” and “testid” is from a table in mysql
    - When the system commando is done the “disable” table in mysql shut update from “0” to “1”

    Her is my mysql table

    CREATE TABLE `stats` ( 
      `text` varchar(250) NOT NULL default '', 
      `disabled` int(1) NOT NULL default '0', 
      `id` int(4) NOT NULL auto_increment, 
      PRIMARY KEY  (`id`) 
    I found a code on the internet and I work fine, but it only grab data out..

    #include <cstdio> 
    #include <cstdlib> 
    #include <iostream> 
    using namespace std; 
    #include "/usr/include/mysql/mysql.h" 
    int main() 
    /* connection */ 
    MYSQL *handle; 
    /* query result */ 
    MYSQL_RES *result; 
    /* række i query result */ 
    MYSQL_ROW row; 
    /* antal felter i query result */ 
    int nfields; 
    /* pointer til array med felt længder i række i query resuult */ 
    int *l; 
    /* counter */ 
    int i; 
    * åben connection til: 
    * server = "localhost" 
    * username = "root" 
    * password = "" 
    * database = "Test" 
    * port = 0 (bliver opfattet som default 3306) 
    handle= mysql_init(NULL); 
    if(handle == NULL) 
    printf("MySQL error: %s", mysql_error(handle)); 
    if(!mysql_real_connect(handle, "localhost", "root", "", "test", 0, NULL, 0)) 
    printf("MySQL error: %s", mysql_error(handle)); 
    /* udfør query */ 
    mysql_query(handle, "SELECT name FROM test"); 
    result = mysql_store_result(handle); 
    /* print resultat af query */ 
    nfields = mysql_num_fields(result); 
    while ((row = mysql_fetch_row(result))) { 
    l = (int *)mysql_fetch_lengths(result); 
    for (i=0; i<nfields; i++) { 
    printf(" %.*s", row ? l : 4, row ? row : "NULL"); 
    printf(" "); 
    /* luk query */ 
    /* luk connection */ 
    return 0; 
    I hope there is one that will make this for me..

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    Well in an earlier post I pointed him to P&R since they want to take the lazy way out and have someone do it for them

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    That's really something you should do in Perl or Python, or even PHP (whatever you're familiar with). C/C++ is overkill, and the MySQL C API is tiresome to use.
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