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    Java compiler

    Where could I get a simple java compiler? No IDE or other extra features needed, just a simple java compiler, which should be under 20mb. I have seen java decompilers, which are about 2-3mb-s so there should be some small java compilers too.

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    The Java compiler is not large. The 64-bit Linux Sun Java5 compiler consists of 79k command line interface and the 6.7M tools JAR archive, which also contains most of the functionality of all other tools (javadoc, jar, ...).

    What's large is the standard library, which you need to compile anything. My rt.jar is 38M. There's no good way to get around that. You might be able to create a stripped-down version of the file (e.g. removing the complete java.awt and javax.swing stuff, along with some sun and com.sun stuff), and use that as the bootstrap jar for your compiler runs, but there's no guarantee it won't suddenly crash.
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