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    Question SciTe compiling issue C++

    to any one that uses SciTE text editor for c++ programming. i am having problems compiling it tells me
    >g++ -pedantic -Os -fno-exceptions -c lab3.cpp -o lab3.o
    >The system cannot find the file specified.

    how can i get it to complie

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    You need to specify the path to the compiler. If you're using linux and the gtk version of scite then it probably means you didn't install gcc. If you're using the windows version (wscite) - which I suspect you are - and you have installed a windows port of gcc (eg. mingw) then: options menu --> open and search for the line:
    cc=g++ -pedantic -Os -fno-exceptions -c $(FileNameExt) -o $(FileName).o
    and add your path to gcc. For example, if you installed MinGW to c:\MinGW then it becomes:
    cc=c:/MinGW/bin/g++ -pedantic -Os -fno-exceptions -c $(FileNameExt) -o $(FileName).o
    Alternatively, you can try just modifying your PATH environment variable to include the path to whatever manifestation of gcc you're using.
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