Thread: how to add my own funtion into a library

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    Post how to add my own funtion into a library

    hi there ,
    my name is nitin, i am quite new to programming and just started of with c programing.
    i was doing some programs on recursive functions when i came across the part where
    it said the i could reduce the compilation time of my program if i added my own function
    to an already existing library such as math.lib.
    i am using tc201 compiler.
    this is what i had done
    1,i made a function definition of my function i wanted to add in a file of .c extention,.
    2.compiled the file ,it creats FILENAME.OBJ file.
    3.add function to the library c:\>tlib math.lib+c:\FILENAME.obj
    4.declared its prototype in a FILENAME.H file.
    5.wrote a program to use the function ,#included the FILENAME.H as the url in double quotes.

    now to the problem. when i compiled it gave me no error. but when i tried to run it gave me a linker error.

    does this mean that my function that i tried to add didn't get added to the lib ??
    please help.

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