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    calendar program for linux

    I'm looking for a nice calendar program for linux, basically a rainlendar equivalent. Its main feature would be a persistent calendar display on your desktop (underneath other application windows) and the ability to mark days like birthdays and exams. Basically I need to be constantly reminded that an important day is coming up :]

    Any ideas? I've tried a few but none seem to have the desktop display feature. Im using fedora 4 and KDE.
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    Not sure how well they run in KDE, but there are a bunch of Calendars in gDesklets:

    which might get somewhere to what you're after. But not really far enough, methinks.

    I just downloaded rainlendar and immediately wanted the same for my Linux boxes, but gDesklets is all I can think of that comes close.

    gDesklets are also kinda resource intensive in case you're strapped for memory, btw. Damn python.

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