Thread: saving drivers when reinstall windows XP

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    saving drivers when reinstall windows XP

    Hey I found something that maybe you'll find it interesting:

    Download the proper OS batch file to your desktop or your C drive (It didn't work when I copied it from another partition). If it don't download, copy and paste it in notepad and save it as drivercopy. rename the .txt extension to .bat. You now have a batch file.

    Win XP

    Open it. It will open command prompt. it will copy the files to your C drive

    It will save it as a hidden folder called olddrivers. (you have to unhide them in folder options to see them). you can now burn it to disk (I would burn the batch file too). if you ever have reformat, you can throw this disc in (make you use the add new hardware wizard or update in device manager) when you are done. it will contain all of your latest drivers.

    Like I said, someone may find it useful, I didn't try it but I intend to...

    - Micko
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