Thread: Visual C++ Tool Problem

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    Visual C++ Tool Problem

    visuall c++ installed on my pc is doing non-sense stuff.
    like using any control variable when i type, "m_Variable." the list of functions pop up. when i scroll this list ,MSDEV displays message , "This file conatins lines longer than the 2048 character maximum.The Lines will be wrapped"
    after this MSDEV crashes.... i uninstalled visual c++ and installed again but problem is still there..
    please can any1 guide why it is happeneing so...
    btw there is noooooooo 2048 line in that code
    HELL with visual c++

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    Create a new file. Does it do the same thing? Maybe you have 2048 spaces or something. Open the file with notepad and select all to see how long the lines are.

    Actually it sounds like there's a line longer than 2048 chars in the pop-up window. Disable the pop-up.
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    delete the .ncb file in the projects directory... then see if it happens.
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