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    Solaris 10

    Anybody here had any experience with it? If so, how do you like it? Is it still mainly a server OS, or do you run it as a desktop machine? I am just curious - apparently you can try it for free.

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    AFAIK, Solaris is and always has been mainly a desktop environment. I wasn't aware that it was a server OS. My university had it installed in several programming labs and I'm fairly certain it has always been pushed as Sun's "everyday user OS".

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    I think what you are thinking about Ober is client machines connected to the solaris server

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    Solaris is a desktop operating system just like Windows XP is a desktop operating system. Solaris can be setup like a server, and does include many of these server software functions by default. Windows XP Pro can also be setup like a server. The fact remains that Solaris has the capability of being a server out of the box, but can be used just like any other UNIX operating system.

    What you're referring to is a dumb-terminal setup, which those labs were definately not.

    EDIT: I guess I should also fully answer the OP's question. I was not a major fan of the operating system that I used (I think Solaris 7 or 8), but it was pretty good for a UNIX style OS. I've seen Linux flavors that are much more user friendly, but keep in mind that I haven't seen/used Solaris 10, so that is not a good indicator.
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