Thread: Safe way to run programs?

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    Question Safe way to run programs?

    I'm not sure if this is a operating system question, system administrator question, or a programming question. Let me explain what I want to do. I want a way to set up a program where I can run it and it have no chance of messing up anything in my computer. By anything I mean BIOS, hard disk (including info on HD), or any of my computer hardware. I don't really care if it crashes my comp, I just don't want any permanent damage.
    Is there a way to do this? and no, I'm not trying to write virus's or anything malicous.


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    I really dont think you should be bothering with a program that may do any permanent damage.
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    Running in a standard user account (available on most modern operating systems) would stop you from breaking anything important, but you could still damage your own files.

    Moral of the story: unless you're prepared to clean up, don't bother.

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    use a old system or a dual boot system,
    if you use a dual boot system make sure the operating system
    you set up to run this program on is on a different hard drive,
    that way if it does something to the hd, you can still log
    into your old operating system, then just make sure
    you have a disk for your drive handy and low level
    format that drvie fi needed.

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    what do you mean "low level format"?
    I was thinking that since most anti-virus programs have a quarintine feature that there must be some way to render a program benign to the system. but then again I suppose the feature just puts the baddy files in a place where execution won't be called.
    Maybe I can set up an old computer with something, but I would like to use my faster computer since I would like to create alot of programs automated.

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    the guaranteed way to make sure there is zero damage to the hardware and os is to use vmware this means installing and running vmware, then installing your os again, into the vmware.
    ( requires lots of ram, 1GB< for effective use. )
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