Thread: freelance work: is it real or for the super experienced only?

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    freelance work: is it real or for the super experienced only?

    Hi !

    I have been doing some programming for almost a year now nad have been very confused about some techologies. I maily program in embedded and C/C++, but I constantly keep myself open to new technology and I am trying to learn new stuff (win API, Java and .NET)

    I am really interested in doing some freelance project work at the same time to give me a broader view. I am not saying money is the only motivation but is definitely one.

    I am not scared to diversify or completely go out and learn a tottally new technology but I sure need some guidance in which will help me land the best chance to freelance projects. Can anyone help me in which technologies would be my best options?

    Also how long will it take me to lern these technologies to really step out in the freelance world.

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    1-2 years seems to be how long it takes to really master a language, but of course some people take longer and others shorter time.

    I'de say you need to master the language you intend to do freelance work in.

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    No offense, but I seriously doubt anyone is going to pick up a freelance programmer that has only been at it for about a year. Freelance work requires much more experience for the most part.

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    yeah, when people are looking for freelance or contract work, they want to know it's going to be done right. those are the people that want a package done and in use by a certain time, and usually don't want to have to deal with 'keeping it up'.

    they're also not looking for the "I can learn" type of people. why are they going to waste their time paying you to learn when they could just go to the next guy that's promising it done in less time?

    that kind of flexibility helps in looking for a full-time job, not a contract.
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