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    Ok...So I havent used slackware in a while, only for servers.

    I installed v 10.1 with the full install.

    Here are my questions:

    1) How would I go about having linux auto startx ?
    2) How can I change my res to 1440 x 900 ?
    3) How can I get my wireless network card to work ?
    4) Can I get my wireless card and lan card to auto switch depending on whether lan cable is connected ? Like is there a program because in windows I have this program that auto switches for me like when I dont have an ethernet cord plugged in it switches to wireless and when I do have it plugged in, it switches to lan card.


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    What desktop are you using? You will have to modify your /etc/rc.conf file:

    # What display manager do you use ?  [ xdm | gdm | kdm | entrance ]
    That is a sample from my file - tailor your own file as you see fit.

    Then if you issue the command (as root):

    # rc-update add xdm default
    then reboot, KDM should come up as your graphical display manager.

    Of course this all depends on Slackware being similar to my system (which is not slack) - others can advise if the above method is not suitable for your distribution.

    Regarding your resolution, you can either manually change it in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, or you can do it more or less automatically (how much automation depends on which method you choose) with a utility. Have a look at this to get some ideas.


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