Thread: holy keyboard batman!

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    holy keyboard batman!

    That is one sweet keyboard! Even if it is hundreds of dollars I am going to buy it! It shows exactly what it is controlling at that moment. Great for games, no more memorizing keys and it just looks sweet!

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    It would be great if someone would develop "keyboard-savers" just like a screensaver but then for your keyboard ... I already see my keyboard lighting up in the dark

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    That is incredibly cool. Something I might suggest you keep your coffee away from though.

    Checking out other products by Optimus, is looked at the Mus Mouse, which in contrast is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. A one button mouse? WTF? I can't even use a system without a scrollwheel mouse let alone anything with less than three buttons! *scoff* Macs *scoff*
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    edit:: I thought I better not hijack the thread...
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    That is a cool keyboard, but i will cost prolly 200, according to the side
    there, but this is a cool keyboard to, i dont know how useful it would be though,

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