Thread: HTTP Server?

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    HTTP Server?

    Hello, does anyone know of a good free HTTP server, thats easy to use.

    I've tried Apache, but I would rather something that automatically access' 1 page on the server.

    Also, does anyone know the NOS-Box homepage?

    Thank you in advance.

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    just look into your httpd.conf file and you'll find a home directory in there. just change that to whatever you want, or overwrite the index.html page in that directory.
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    Apache is also my tool of choice. I wouldn't use anything else and if you're having problems installing it, I'd say you're overcomplicating things. My only problem was getting PHP to work with it, and even that didn't take long to figure out.

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    It depends what you have to do.
    If you need making a small site I think Abyss Server is a good choice:
    Small, fast and easy to configure. You can have your server with working php in singly floppy!

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    Abbys can be found here.!
    Take a look
    Sorry for spelling errors, not English!
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    I also run Apache.
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    I use Apache, and that's what I would recommend.
    You could take a look at xitami.
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    You can try xampp.

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    For those of you who didn't notice... xxxrugby dragged up a 1 month old thread to make that comment.

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