Thread: Hard Drive Hiccups

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    Hard Drive Hiccups

    i've tried out two hard drive witht the same effect: On random and frequntly occuring instances, my hd sound like it just powers off, then just as quickly powers back on again. It sounds like when you have a really loud fan and you turn the fan off then on again. These 'hiccups' are about a 1/2 a second each, so very short, and last night was the first time i got an error message of someting about a write error to the hd.
    I'm thinking it the power supply. Can anyone confirm this? Has this happened to anyone before?
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    Sounds to me like possibly power supply or mother board problems. Make sure your cables are connected securely as well (to the HD and the mobo).

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    I agree with ober... dont' just make sure they're connected though: disconnect and reconnect... you'd be surpriesd what works... and not just the data cables: check the data and power cables on both ends.
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    Alright! My computer is back up and running!
    Turns out it was the psu, and thank God it wasn't the mother board.
    Actually, this post was still rooted with the problems i had in this one a while back: Computer Not Booting
    Some of you probably remember helping me out (bubba, waldo2k, ober). So here's my conclusion: At approximatley the same time, my psu and my one stick of ram went kapoot (and those of you who have had psu and particularily ram problems know how it makes everything look like a culprit). I just recently got a new stick of ram, and some problems went away, and just this morning went and borrowed a friends psu, and the rest were resolved.
    Oh, and i finally (i'm actually cocky about this) made smoke come out of my case! i half-warily attached the floppy power connecter to 2 pins instread of 4, turned on my machine, a spark, and smoke. I'm just glad it wasn't some other component.
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