Thread: problems with csv format

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    problems with csv format

    hello, Iam working on an application, which needs to extract data from excel sheet. I don't know COM programming.So i converted the excel sheet to CSV format.I am facing 2 particular problems .
    Edfghj_89jkcf.h, , common\module


    a file of the above format is in the first column , the second column is empty, and the third column contains the path.
    when i output it on the screen,
    i get something like this
    , , common\module.

    the second problem is , if the content in the cell is a sentence, then the each word of the sentence is being o/p on a new line.

    Please help me, this is urgent.Thanks in advance

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    What language are you using? If this is a C/C++ question, ask it on one of those boards. If it is not, tell us which language and show us some code.

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    thanks, i posted my problem along with code in the c board.

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