Thread: New Hardware install kills sound (card?)

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    New Hardware install kills sound (card?)

    I decided once and for all to put my storage issues behind me today. I went out and bought an HP dvd640i DVD Writer (internal) with that cool LightScribe ability to print an image on the back of the burned disc. I also picked up a cheap Western Digital 7200 RPM 160 Gig HD. I plopped both these suckers easily into my XP box without any apparent hitch.

    It wasn't until I'd been using it for a bit that I noticed I wasn't getting any of the usualy system sounds (click, copy, error, etc). So I check my amp and speakers and all is well. I tried playing mp3s to no avail. I tried headphones in both the front jack, then tried playing a CD from the origional CD Burner/Reader through the Players built in jack... All with no sound.

    I'm confused. Very very confused. I check to see if I'd bumped anything out while I was wrestling around in the case, but everything seems fine. I can't see it being shot hardware if the CD jack doesn't output either.

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    not likely but who knows maybe you didnt touch your case before
    touching any hardware inside and maybe you static blasted your
    sound card.

    if it not that things you should try :

    uninstall and reinstall your card drivers.

    remove your card put it into a new slot and reinstall your drivers.

    as for the cd rom not playing the cd thru its own headphone jack
    that doesnt seem good at all, and should be affected even if
    anything had happened to your card, but maybe you made a
    mistake in your post.

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    Try removing the hardware to see if it is the hardware that caused it(IRQ conflict maybe...who knows...its worth a shot).

    Then check BIOS and diable on board sound if you are using a sound card and check which sound output(card or onboard) your comp is using in the sounds under control panel. After that install(reinstall) drivers for it.

    If that doesn't help you could try making a seperate partition to install windows on that new HD to see if it is a software issue, the sound should work fine off a new install of windows. You should also check everything in BIOS to make sure nothing has changed in there, you could try to load optimized defaults. If that fails then call tech support for your mobo, I doubt you fried it, mobos usually won't boot if it is fried/short circuited.

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    No hardware conflicts, no BIOS changes, and my sound card is integrated, but an uninstall and reinstall of updated drivers seems to have solved the problem. Seems kind of trivial now as I should have tried that before posting, but the whole CD reader not playing from its own jack really threw me in the wrong direction I suppose. That and I don't understand why new hardware would cause the old driver to fail... I still dont. No sound device settings were altered, as I'd already looked into that. Weird.

    I wonder if anyone has a possible explanation for this? (Probable not. Probably just another one of those random insane computer things.)
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    it's possible that that particular drive relies on the digital audio cable being run to the sound card (or in your case the jumper on your motherboard) to send sound out of it's jack. And since your sound card wasn't working....? Who knows, at least everything works now.
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