Thread: Random Disconnects

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    Random Disconnects

    I just installed emule about 5 hours ago and since i installed it my internet connection keep disconnecting

    I have Cable connection 7mbps/800kbps
    It never really randomly disconnect before.

    I think its Emule thats causing it to disconnect.
    Any Idea how i can fix this?

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    Uninstall Emule? (What is Emule?)

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    If i remember correctly, it's a p2p program.

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    It's a client for the eDonkey and Overnet P2P networks.

    How can a cable connection even disconnect?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ober
    Uninstall Emule? (What is Emule?)
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    i've heard e-mule has such issues... your probably choking your connection to DEATH(literally)... find a way to cap your bandwidth usage.... and possibly limit your peers...
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    I recommend IRC as an alternative to p2p. It won't suck your bandwidth dry.
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