Thread: about to format :/

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    about to format :/

    i pretty much givin up i decided what the hell might as well format

    problem is i cant find a format tool for my western digital harddrive, but today i just thought about it, doesnt winXP ask you if you want to format before installing?

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    Yes, it does. I recommend the NTFS format.

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    what problems are you having? I find it best to just fix the problem rather than starting from scratch, so when it happens again you'll know what to do.

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    well i formatted now so..

    i had another post trying to fix my problem but it seems nothing had helped

    does anyone know where i might be able to find a download of aim version "5.5.3572"? i know theres a site or something out there that keeps back versions of AIM im looking for this particular version

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    I hope you chose NTFS, it's a fantabulous file format. I have a 200 gig hard drive and I'm currently using about 130 gigs of it, but if I were using FAT32, it wouldn't fit on my drive. I enabled complete harddrive compression, so every single file in my computer is compressed. Amazingly I don't notice even a tiny hit on performance.

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    The only turn off letting windows to format the HD is that you'll get less usable space (I forgot by how much) compared to if you format with its native utility.

    I don't know if the tool below will format, but that's probably it.
    source: compsci textbooks,, world wide web, common sense

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    its only a 30 gig hard drive and it gave me 28 gigs. so it wasnt so bad

    yes i used ntfs

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