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    Javascript question

    I am working on upgrading my website(after redirect) from the rinky dink html I am using to include some enhanced code that will allow me continue to update it simply using shtml, but allow me to make it look better. I am not a real big fan of using templates stolen from other people off the web though.

    So basically two questions.

    1) I have a few affiliates and I want to be able to insert code into my page that allows me to have a random affiliates picture/link to appear each time a new page is loaded.

    2) Is there an easy place to learn javascript off the web? I found for html, but for javascript I am having a hard time finding a site easy to understand.


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    Download all with program like MetaProducts Offline Explorer. And you can watch all after offline
    Almost forgot
    Teach yourself JavaScript for Week

    Java Script Definite Guide

    Or you can
    Java Script Course

    Java Script From Netscape

    Java Script Manual of Style

    Java Script Michal Shramka

    I hope this is Enought!
    Sorry for spelling errors, not English!
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    Slow host, but I am downloading them. Thanks a lot, I hope they work.

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