Thread: save webpage? some save some not

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    save webpage? some save some not

    Why can you save some web pages with no problem and others do not save. They come up with the red box "could not save web page"

    What is with the red x deleting pics? If i save a page with pics i want to save those pics too. Other methods take to long to save pic.

    For example has some good articles on how stuff works. they will not save webpage. is there html that stops web page save?

    what is with the anti jhava pages. Do not display if you do not have java turned on. meow.

    It seems some save as access the orignal web page? why?

    just a few questions thank you in advance

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    I have always used httrack . I just never got around to trying wget.
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    thank you both. i was asking if there is some html code or java script in the page it self that prevents saving pages? i have curl which kinda dumps everything together as one big mess. was wondering why they would red x everything. or want to prevent save file. meow.

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