Thread: This CD Drive is broken?

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    This CD Drive is broken?

    A friend of mine has this CD Drive. The drive is registered/recognized in BIOS, "My Computer", and System->Device Manager. However, when any kind of CDs is inserted and to be viewed its content, it always says "Please insert a disk into drive E". I got the same situation on two different computers (Win ME and XP).

    So is it conclusive that the CD Drive broken internally (the laser, parts, etc)?
    Or is there else anything I can do to confirm that?

    Thanks in advance
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    (Win ME and XP)
    There is the problem . Read my signature

    No, seriously, have you tried it on any other OS besides win?
    What manufacturer/model is it? May be drivers are missing or something (probably not if it recognized by Windoze, but anyway, just in case)?
    The OS requirements were Windows Vista Ultimate or better, so we used Linux.

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    Heck, I used to have more hardware problem in linux than in windows. Besides, the CD drive will eventually be installed on that Win ME.

    Windows ME says that no driver is needed; I have to check what Win XP says about its driver but "device manager" did not show warning sign. And it should be just plug and play, no? (especially in Win XP)

    Anyhow, it just registers as ATAPI CDRW52x or some sort on both computers.

    I'll see if I could find and download its driver.
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    I have the same problem. I think our drives are the same. The box says "Exact Peripheral Optics" on it. I tried searching all over google to find the website but it failled.

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