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    Freedom Internet Security

    Has anyone ever heard of "Freedom Internet Security & Privacy?" My ISP just started offering all of their services for free if you are a subscriber (like me). They allow me to install it on 3 computers. Theoretically, that is a $330 value. My ISP claims they are a good security company but I haven't heard of them until now.

    I'm just hesitant to put their stuff on my PC right now because security software can mess up your computer just as much as spyware/viruses sometimes. I do currently use MS Anti-Spyware, Spybot, and Ad-Aware already. Anyway, what do you think? Thanks.

    By the way, the people that make the tools are called RadialPoint, formerly known as "ZeroKnowledge."

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    I have yet to hear of it. But if Adelphia is willing to use it I'm going to guess it isn't that bad. Probably your ISP was offered a special deal. Maybe RadialPoint gave them free copies and are using it as advertising via word-of-mouth.

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    I run Adaware SE, spybot s&d and AVG grisoft with the windows xp firewall and I haven't had a problem since I got AVG running and cleaned everything out that I had before. I scan every once and a while with the three programs and only pick up a stray tracking cookie.

    My experiance with programs that an ISP has you use is that they do tend to be more of a hassel than they are really worth. They block out things you want, and have annoying popups telling you not to do something.

    Its worth a shot, just keep the uninstall handy.

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    I use linux.

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