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    Speakers/sound card

    Yesterday and today my speakers have been acting weird(well...weirder than normal). They have been popping and going there wouldn't be any sound until I turned the power off and back on, which would give me another loud pop. I knew this wasn't good..but at least they still worked. I couldn't find why they were doing this, it hasn't happened before and I didn't chang anything. This morning when they did this and I turned them back on the rear speakers didn't work.

    I tried checking all of the connections, and they were find. I rolled back sound card drivers, checked to make sure everything is set to 5.1 and so on. In the calibration tests the rear speakers make noise, so the speakers aren't blown out. I have tried plugging it into my mobo to see if that works, well theres no sound at all. Most likely I disabled it, and im too lazy to figure out what exactly needs to be fixed for that.

    I have tried multiple programs to try and see if I get any sound from the rear speakers...nothing. I can plug the rears into where the fronts go and there is sound. I cannot seem to find anything to make all sound playback in 5.1, could my soundcard be broken? If so...why can I get the rears to make sound through the calibration test?
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    what kind of card is it? what kind of speakers? what kind of cable is running to them (prefab or homemade)?
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