Thread: Dual Monitors in XP

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    Dual Monitors in XP

    I have 2 monitors but how do i get it to display 2 different things on the monitors??

    Thanks in advance

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    You expand you desktop over to the other monitor in you display settings
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    could you explain please?

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    Right Click on your desktop. Select "Properties", Select the "Settings Tab". There (providing you have the secondary monitor hooked up to your gfx card) you will see some options on expanding to multiple monitors. You may also select the "Advanced" button which should provide additional options dependant on your gfx driver.
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    If you don't see any of the options, try updating your gfx card drivers.

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    Nvidia cards are popular for multiple monitor capabilities, but there are others. All you need is two inputs for monitors, a video card that has multiple monitor capabilities and you're set.
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