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    Random Lockups

    Ever since I have installed my sound card I have been getting random lockups. I have updated the drivers for it but I am still getting the random lockups. These happen comletely randomly, when idling in windows, playing a game, typing up is simply random. There is no way to recover from these lockups, it just freezes everything and the speakers make a continuous beeping noise.

    It has gotten more frequent ever since I have updated my drivers. here is my comp specs

    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Gamer
    MSI Neo2 mobo
    AMD 3500+
    4x512 kingston low latency ram
    2xWD 74gb raptor HDs in raid-0
    BFG 6800GT
    Enermax 500W PSU

    My comp has plenty of cooling, probally too much for not overclocking it.
    It hasn't been much of an issue until recently when it does it every 10 minutes or so, I am almost tempted to reinstall windows, but the last time I did that it did not help. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    have you checked to see if your motherboard has any conflicts with that card/

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    I checked the IRQs and they all seem fine, I haven't seen any documentation saying my card isn't compatible with my mobo, heck I even switched PCI slots just to make sure...I'm pretty much out of ideas except removing it.

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