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    gameports stop working

    Hi. I've got a problem. When I plug anything into any gameport on my computer, the gamepad or stick will work for about a half hour, and then stop working. It's not the joystick, because I've tried using the stick on other computers, and it works fine there. It's not the sound card, because I've tried three different ones on the same computer, and the same thing happens each time. I'm running Windows XP on an ASRock motherboard with a 64-bit amd processor. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Try USB? Check Bios?

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    I would try finding updated drivers for the motherboard or see if there is a BIOS update. I'd also check the drivers for the gamepad/stick.

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    I second finding better drivers, sometimes drivers won't break until you plug the devices into a different motherboard (that's how it was for my nvidia 6800gt).
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