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    Window error


    i have a problem to tell you,guys. When i try to login to a PC using a same ID? The error come out like this.

    The program has performed an illegal operation and will shut down.if the problem persists, contact the program vendors.

    after i click ok,The screen become black. I can't see the desktop at all.

    Anyone has any idea?


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    The exe doesn't come up under google, so I can only assume that it is either a custom piece of software or a virus. Try safe mode or give us more details.

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    assuming you're using the regular windows welcome screen to logon, press ctrl-alt-del after logging in, before pressing ok. That should bring up the task manager. Click the processes tab, write down all the processes, then let us know what you have running (so we can try to pick out a process that might be causing the problem). If you type your name in when logging in (windows 2000/nt style) then after pressing ctrl-alt-del press the task manager button then repeat the steps mentioned earlier.
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