Thread: Winapi Vs Gtk+

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    Winapi Vs Gtk+

    Which of them is more powerful?

    Can i use any of them to make games?

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    I suspect the Win32 API is faster (correct me if im wrong anyone) because, Gtk+ and all the other's alike, like MFC, are just wrappers around the Win32 API. Therefore, Win32 would generally be faster since you're working with it directly instead of using some other predefined function in Gtk+ that calls a Win32 function to perform a given task.

    As for games, Yeah, I think so. but check out to know for sure.

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    Win32 API is the native windowing API for windows, and therefore nothing is going to be faster or more powerful than it. GTK is a cross platform windowing library which performs very well on linux, but rather poor on windows (In my experience anyways).

    Can i use any of them to make games?
    Simple games maybe. Win32API and GTK are libraries for creating GUI applications, not games. Games usually use a graphics library like OpenGL or Direct3D.

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    As well as not reading previous posts ( like where to post your questions, you're verging on being a troll by repeatedly asking basically the same question over and over.

    I mean, stop looking for other people to validate your assumptions and get on and actually try stuff for yourself.
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    sorry :X but thats me XD

    does anyone know an editor to gtk+?

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