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    General Computer Question

    I was gonna attempt to write a Windows Firewall in C, but would not be able to get it done as soon as I would like. I''m just looking for a firewall that will allow me to block certain packets by size and port, for Windows 2000. I'm trying to stop attacks on my computer. Is there a way to do this in Windows without purchasing a firewall, or no?

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    719 - there's a free version that's pretty good

    also, there used to be one called sygate or sysgate or something like that...i did a quick search for it a few weeks ago but i couldn't find it can try looking though...

    by the way, you can get just about anything for free on the just depends on how long you feel like searching
    i seem to have GCC 3.3.4
    But how do i start it?
    I dont have a menu for it or anything.

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    Zone Alarm is probably one of the best free ones. I don't personally use one other than my router, but I used ZA in the past before I got my router.

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    zone alarm doesnt let you specify a size and port number of packets to block. Does anyone know what i can do to block packets of a certain size coming from a certain outside port?

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