Recently, after trying to burn an MPEG file to a DVD+RW, Nero indicated in the status bar that its name was too long for Joliet spec, so I duly went over and renamed it. What I hadn't realised is that Nero also decided to do "trimming" of its own, lopping even more off the name, including the .mpg extension.

So, now PowerDVD won't play the file because as it doesn't have an extension it can't work out what it is. Naturally, during my time installing Linux a few weeks ago I learned of the power of symlinks, but they seem to enjoy limited support in Windows (Folder symlinking is supported in modern NTFS, but apparently not files).

Does anyone know of a way I can perhaps "take over" the DVD drive's file system and make Windows believe that a file on the disc has a different name to what it actually has? Th easiest solution would be to copy it back to HDD and rename it, but I'm low on disk space at the mo.