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    Graphical Glitches

    I've owned my current computer for about 2 and a half years and I'm looking to get a couple more out of it. Recently though I've been experiencing graphical problems in my games. It doesn't happen outside of my games, but once playing it almost always happens. I also noticed it only happens in certain games such as World of Warcraft or Mafia. I'll post a couple pictures of what these errors look like.

    My system specifications are:

    Pentium IV "C" - 3.0 GHZ (Northwood core)
    1024mb DDR400 PC3200 RAM - Some Generic Brand
    Saphire Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb 256bit
    ABIT IC7-G Mobo
    Windows XP Home SP1

    I have all my graphics drivers up to date and my Direct X version is up to date. I have all necessary Windows updates, not including SP2 unless somehow my computer did it by itself.

    These graphic glitches happen a few times per second and it get's amazingly annoying really fast. It also makes it hard to see what's happening. The first screenshot is without any glitches, the rest how some in it. Keep in mind stuff like this pops up several times per second. Anyways, here are a few screens of what's happening:

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    Your PC should be able to handle games like WoW just fine. I'd try reinstalling your vid drivers.

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    i hate the same video card and i run WoW just fine.. but i have 3.4Ghz

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    Having the latest drivers is not always the best fix. Try using an older driver to see if that fixes it. If that fails to cure it, you may try reinstalling the game(s) affected or reducing the quality you're playing them at to see if you notice any difference.

    If those all fail to fix it, try removing your video card from the system and reinstalling it.

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