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    I will continue in another post with this last question.
    I've concluded that GTK+ is the best GUI for C
    Thanks for u all [ ]

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    Quote Originally Posted by CornedBee
    SWT? I only know of AWT and Swing for Java...
    SWT is a widget library for java which provides bindings for the native widget toolkit on whatever platform you run on. So, on windows it will use windows widgets, on linux/gtk it will use gtk, on mac it will use carbon, etc... Its very flexible and because it uses the native widgets, its not ugly like swing

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    Why dont you first get to know the definition of a GUI, a GUI is something the End-User of a program get's to see, it's a graphical representation for the supposed data that goes within a certain program. Your GUI can be set up in different ways, you could do visual programming but you could write a complete GUI yourself in asy OGL or DX, also even scripting languages can provide you with a GUI and dont even go over there and speak about Java and what that could do for you.

    GUI definition :
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