Thread: Controlling fan speed

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    Controlling fan speed

    Hello again,

    I am really really sick with my dell inspiron 5160 with its noisy fans almost always turned on . The fans start kickin even if the cpu temp is 35c-50c range. Generally, when I am using the laptop, the cpu temp is around 55c. I am thinking of changing the fan setting manually so that it won't start until the cpu temp is 60c. Is this a bad idea? Upto what cpu temp its safe to use the laptop without turning on the fans ?

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    i dont know for laptops but my CPU temp right now is 35F, it doesnt go above 50F, ever after a few hours of gaming.

    I would say its a bad idea but then again thats me.

    Why would you want to do that anyway? Are the fans loud?

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    Look around the web for better fans. Stock fans are always loud and annoying. And I don't know how easy it would be to find, but for desktops you can get controllers for the fans so that you control their speed.

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