Thread: Movie editing software?

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    Movie editing software?

    I'm looking for some movie making software somewhat similar to Windows Movie Maker...but not so.....crappy, so to speak. Before all you hardcore microsoft people start bashing me, movie maker's ok, but I'm looking for something with a few more options to it. If anyone knows of any software for this type of thing (windows-based) I'd love to know.

    -Thanks in advance.

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    I've never used Movie Maker myself (not that I remember at least), so I'm not sure if my recommendation has "more options", but having tried several trials, I eventually settled on Pinnacle Studio, and I think it's great. Can't seem to get it to write to a DVD, but for everything else it's worked perectly so far.

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    Its all very much dependant on how much you want to spend?
    If you give us an around about figure then people might be able to help abit more



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