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    Software version guideline

    Anybody knows any sort of guideline to give version number to software? Say, bug fix will mean .1 increase (from 1.0 to 1.1); if you have significant new features you go full one point (from 1 to 2), etc. I heard that there are so many "standards" of versioning. Could you link me to some of them that you know?

    As always, thanks for your time.
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    I'm a bit partial to the method used for linux kernels.

    Three numbers. The first being the major number, which changes when the program pretty much gets a complete re-write. The second being the minor, which occurs with minor additions/tweaks to add features to the existing program, as well as odd numbers representing developmental versions and even numbers being stable release. And finally the Third number representing revisions for bugfix/security fixes or patches.
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