Thread: tc 3.0++ minimum instalation package

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    tc 3.0++ minimum instalation package

    which is the minimum instalation package for turboc++ 3.0(the minimum required folders for "correct software developing")?

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    If your machine is well say less than 10 years old, I would anticipate that it is perfectly capable of running any combination of TC3 installations you care to mention.

    > "correct software developing"
    What on earth does this mean?

    I could be pedantic and just say the compiler and the linker.
    All the libraries you could live without if you enjoy building your own.
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    ...the minimum required folders ?

    The install program should create all of the necessary folders/directories.

    I assume that you have a really good reason for using this outdated compiler.

    I also assume that you don't have the documentatin. Look for a README.TXT file. There may be some installation and/or usage information there.

    If you don't see a SETUP.EXE file, look for an INSTALL.EXE file.

    You may be able to find a used copy (complete with the printed manuals) on the Internet. You should also be able to find a (used?) book on the Internet.

    If I remember correctly, Turbo C++ was written for DOS or 16-bit Windows. You have a better chance of getting it working if you set-up a system with "correct" operating system. Again, you might find this information in the README file... or printed on the floppy discs... It is on floppy discs, right?

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