Thread: PHP on my Computer!

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    PHP on my Computer!

    I heard that on Linux you can watch PHP. That your pages doesent need to be on Web server to wach PHP.

    Question is. I am on Windows. How can I watch PHP on my computer.
    I heard that is some apache emulation for download on windows.

    But I dont know where to find. I cant find it. And is this possible!

    Does maybe somebody know best software for that and where can I download it?


    major_small yes I think on that. On emulation PHP server on my computer. That I can wach make and all else with PHP on my computer.
    I am makeing Web page and I am makeing Guestbook. Already have few scripts. But what I wanna to do is that I can before upload them to Web look how that Guestbook looks and tried it to see does it work all that on my computer.
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    if you mean "how can I serve a PHP page from my windows computer", you need to look into setting up an HTTP server--the only way (that I know of) to view PHP is through a web server or some kind of program that emulates a web server, unless you're viewing the code.

    Windows' webserver is called IIS, but you can install others. for example, I'm running Apache 1.3 on my system right now, so I can server PHP pages to myself and the people on my network.
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    apacahe-mysql-php package, easy install like any other Windows program xampp is just one of them

    Install, start, and you have a webserver running on your computer. Just put your scripts in the appropriate folder. Browse it through your web browser and you can see your script in action
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    Or do it the right way and learn something at the same time. Download Apache, PHP, and MySQL and install them all seperately.

    Either way, you don't need (or more importantly, don't want) an emulater, but you need to have the webserver installed on your computer, and a guestbook will require a database like mysql or text-file manipulation (your choice, but I recommend the DB approach).

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    Ober's right. I managed it, and I'm a retard when it comes to any sort of network software.

    That said, the Perl installation stumped me. Oh well, guess I'll have to get up and go to uni...

    One thing that spooks me about Apache is that they're always biznitching about thread safety under Windows (the reason why some features are absent in this port).

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