OK, For testing perposes, I would like to configure a windows server 2003 enterprise edition box to work as a PPPOE SERVER / CONCENTRATOR. (Im not interested in setting it as a client, as im not connecting out to an ISP, so please dont post links to how-to-connect-to-a-dsl-provider pages)

I have Routing/Remote Access Services configured and multiple NICs. This server has been acting as a router and vpn concentrator for a while, and id like to add the PPPOE daemon functionality to it. It also has IAS (Internet Authentication Service) installed for RADIUS support (Currently used with an access point located elsewhere on the network.

Have you ever configured a 2003 system to work as PPPOE SERVER? Are there any tutorials out there explaining the process. I have attempted to do it and ran into a problem: The wan miniport RRAS port for PPPOE has the options to support incoming connections GREYED OUT. I have seen a microsoft problem report about this happening, but its not specific enough to tell me how to fix it. I have attached a SCREENSHOT of the boxes greyed out.

What I want: How do i fix the greyed out options, in detail. OR Am i going about enabling PPPOE the wrong way? How should i do it.

As always, Thanks for your time.