Thread: Computer not booting :(

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    don't retrace boards, you could end up damaging everything else too. And besides that, it's REALLY difficult to do, most people don't know this but there's a thin layer of silicon coating the board. My guess is the power supply is bad which caused the motherboard to give out.
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    The problem with retracing wouldn't be the coating, you can etch that with no problem. If the blowout is on the surface, you can use some conductive paint (As long as the current isn't too high in that area) but if the blowout is within layers, your screwed. That's on old slot 1 board, havn't messed with one of them in quite some time. You can find another one for 10-20 bucks, maybe cheaper from a computer show or something like that. I would just replace it rather then risk blowing up everything else trying to fix it.

    But I would look around for the source of the problem, it might have just been an old board but it might be the PSU.
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    Quote Originally Posted by psychopath
    Tried it again today. It was indeed the mobo (i think). Two points on the mobo began to glow orange from heat then "exploded". I diddn't notice anything the last time I was working with it. I think it might have been the processor though or the RAM though, but i'll never know untill I patch the blown spots on the board. (btw, anyone think strips of metal or a short copper wire could be used to patch the blown spots?? just asking before I do somthing stupid )

    Do not patch your board. Not only will it most likely not work, but you're leaving yourself open for shorts and other bad things to happen.

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