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    Exclamation Which Language? need help ASAP

    Hey all, sorry if this is the inappropriate section (since there isnt a general programming area). Anyway, as im sure many people here also do programming w/ other languages...what language would u all suggest I begin learning? Im 15 and im about to go out and buy a beginners book to ___ programming language. I would like a language that I can use for a long while(longevity?), and one that is versitile(can make all kinds of things). So lets hear it, which language should i begin learning? (please note i have 0 programming experience exept for HTML but thats not exactly programming). Thanks in advance all.

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    Each language is good for certain problems and not suitable for others, if you want to learn programming i would suggest you go with C++. Theres a lot you could do with it, and once you learn that you could easily learn another language. and search for C++ books.
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    > what language would u all suggest I begin learning?
    Python, Visual basic spring to mind.
    Perhaps even Pascal.
    Modula 2 at a push.
    Some have even used AWK.
    The advantage of these languages is they enforce a degree of structured programming on the programmer which other languages like 'C' do not.

    The first order of business is learning how to program. Then you can learn a programming language to actually get your real work done. Simply knowing the syntax of 'C' without knowing anything about programming is pretty much useless.

    If you persue programming as a career, you'll learn many languages, but the skill which is at the heart of all of them is "knowing how to program" in the first place. Once you've got that down, the rest is simply a matter of looking in the relevant manuals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prog-bman
    I love assembly, though I suck at it. It's certainly a language where you really have to know what you're doing, and how it's interpreted in the computer.

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    Try some languages and see wich one you like most. (read some online tutorials)

    I wasted so much time trying to find the programming language i love. First i started with VB wich is real boring. Then i moved to Python wich was a real pain (although its considred easy) and finally i tried C and i found myself attracted to it and kept learning it.

    it's a matter of taste.
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    Delphi ?

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    well since you already know html, why not learn javascript. That will give you a good intro to logic and the basic elements that all programming languages share. I started off with javascript and everything else came easily after that. You'll find that languages are good for some situations and not so good for others. If I need to make a quick dirty application for windows I'll use vb, if I want something a little more robust and cross-platform I'll use C++.
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