Thread: My !@#$ing Printer

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    My !@#$ing Printer

    god damn this is me off. for the past week my printer has been giving me excuse after excuse to not work properly. at first it would give me a wrong color cartridge error, then a paper jam, then a carriage jam, then it wouldnt turn on, then it wouldnt stop moving the carriage around every 3 minutes, then it just wouldnt print, and now there was an old printing job that wouldnt delete and i think it is preventing any new documents to get to the printer. any know how to manually clear the "to-print" list, or do i have to reinstall the drivers? yes, i have tried restarting my computer, and im running XP

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    reinstall drivers!
    Or another solution is maybe some registry problem. Something is write wrong in it. Maybe you should look for some Registry fix software. Like WinASO, Registry Mechanic, Registry Fix or something like that.
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    if a driver reinstall doesn't fix it, im betting the memory simms in the printer have decided to puke. I'm putting money down that it's an HP
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