Thread: nvidea's SLI requirements

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    nvidea's SLI requirements

    Read up a few articles on this (in case you don't know: SLI), and i'm a bit confused about what kind of video cards are needed.

    Will any video cards work as long as they are they are of the same performance, and do they have to be "sli certified" by nvidea or something like that?

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    Its built into PCI Xpress cards, its not for AGP.

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    and have to be sli compatible. So far only nvidia 6800 series and a new 6600 card supports it.
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    Let's not forget 3Dfx Voodoo2 as well, eh?

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    They have to accept the "bridge" which connects the two cards, and as someone else said, this is a PCIX option only.

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