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    > but i just figured that it would be faster than going to the tech board
    Urgency on your part is not a reason to abuse the board by posting off-topic.
    I've moved it to the tech board where it should have been.

    > Help
    Is a really crummy title for a thread.
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    If IE is screwed it probably means its corrupted, which means she needs to start backing things up because windows is possibly going south and needs to save her data. do not just download firefox or another broswer like kleid is telling you, because that means ignoring a problem and covering it up, which may be very, very bad for her data in the long run.

    You dont cover problems with windows, you FIX them. I'm really getting irritated with you kleid. You post bad solutions and teach ignorant methods, and then you defend them instead of learning yourself.

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    I used to have the exact same problem with MSN Messenger. The problem turned out to be that something had gone wrong when an IE-based browser tried to declare itself the default browser. I un-installed as much IE as possible (keeping one copy is a good idea since most web-sites are designed primarily for IE and may not render properly in FF), and downloaded FF, setting it as the default browser. Problem fixed.

    edit: RoD, it's spelt, "divine". And it should be "To err is...".
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    Sean, you cannot remove IE entirely. It is built into the OS, as I assume you may know.

    Kleid-o, take a suggestion from RoD and trying helping instead of pushing your opinions on other people.

    Andy, if reinstalling IE doesn't fix it, you need to do the following:

    1) Clean out the Temp Internet Files, cookies, etc.
    2) Run Adaware and Spybot S&D to check for spyware. It could be something as simple as that and I'm actually appalled that no one else has mentioned it.

    If neither of those methods work, you should probably consider helping her reinstall Windows as something is apparently messed up.

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