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    Question Quick Question and problem !!!

    Ok,i have a pc which can't access to the network drive but it can login to the window. it using win2k. i don't know it suddenly become like this.

    I have attached the the file for your references. Pls look at the attachment called error.doc

    2) i tried to login through other pc which is win2k enviroment and i checked the dos command prompt. i found out that the all is normal except the pc which i mentioned just now? The

    Connection specific DNS suffix : Missing
    Default gateway: Missing

    How come? pls help

    urgent! pls......

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    Check your network Connection.
    Check your Computers Name. Right Click My Computer > Indentification (I think)

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    1) make sure that the login script uses the correct privelages/login information to access that drive on the network. Try deleting the mapping, and then mapping it again. It may be something as simple as an incorrect password.

    2) That is not entirely uncommon depending on how your network is setup.

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    Connection specific DNS suffix : Missing
    Default gateway: Missing
    Thats fine depending on netwrok configuration. If unmapping the drive doesnt work, check the computer hosting that drive and make sure that you havent disabled the guest account. It's ok to turn it off, but if you disable it sometimes the client computer wont even ask for user/pass, it will just fail.

    Check the lights on the hub and nic for this computer, and reboot it. Reboot the other computer also. Please also list any changes you have made to these computers in the last few days.

    If your using DHCP, pull up your console and run

    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew

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