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    Sound question

    I have recently got a laptop which has just the standard 1 port for the sound out signal for the loudspeakers, but my old computer had a 5.1 surround sound system, which requires 3 ports.
    Is anyone aware of a way I can use the 5.1 system with my single port on the laptop? I dont need the sound to actual be "truly" surround, but i would like all the speakers to work.

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    without tons of interference?? no.

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    No. I'm sure you could buy a unit that would do it, however. It would most likely be external though.

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    perhaps buy a speaker system that plugs into the USB.
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    sound blaster makes a nice external over usb sound card, newegg probably has the best price for it.
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    >without tons of interference?? no.

    Unless you mean him interfering with his laptop in the sense that he adds something to it, then interference has nothing to do with it in the ee-sense.

    If you don't need truly spatially immersive sound, you could always y-split your stereo port and go from there. It may be cheaper than the unit recommened above as well. And yeah, there are USB units which might do the trick nicely... but ultimately if you don't have multimedia which utilizes your 5.1 system, perhaps it is vacuous. But... then again, since you had it in the first place, I might assume you did...

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