Thread: unix terminal read/write

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    unix terminal read/write

    I had the need to boot up in root mode on my mac, which allows me to work with files without having to log in. THis is all well and good, But I ended up having to compile and run a hastily written c tool to do a check.

    I discovered that the compile could not occur because i was unable to write in root mode

    how do I enable read and write on the unix root?


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    run "chmod u+rw <file-I-want-to-read-and-write>" ?

    please note that i don't really understand what your asking.

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    my bad if it's ambiguous

    the reason i discovered the inability to write was through implementing cc

    but I want/need to find a way of implementing read and write permission over hte whole system in root, ie: being able to say pico and then save the file

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    I think what your trying to say is your filesystem is mounted read-only and you want to mount it read-write. try

    mount / -o remount,rw
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