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    I'm considering getting a workstation licence for this tool in the not too distant future.

    My main question is whether to get the Linux hosted version or the Windows hosted version.
    Their FAQ reassuringly says "they're the same", but I'm wondering what the panel thinks.

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    If by windows hosted version, you mean the one that runs on windows....idk what you mean, I used the one for winodws? if theres another? idk?

    I love it.

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    Ive used both and they both work ok.. if you plan on gamming than use windows as the host. Other than that, id just go with whichever OS you plan on using the most as the host.

    PS: if you go with windows as the host and you have issues installing an RH distro, post back here. Ive been through the pain once and its a (stupidly) easy fix.

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    I use VMware Workstation myself, in the Windows and Linux environment. In windows, I have virtual machines such as Mandrake 10.0, FreeBSD 5.3, Slackware 10.0, Debian 3.0r2, and soon Gentoo 2004.2. In Linux, I run Windows 2000 Pro.

    This software is very helpful for me, since I can run multiple OSs without having to shutdown and switch HDs. I do alot of compiling, and I like having a variety of Linux distro's to test it on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Salem
    My main question is whether to get the Linux hosted version or the Windows hosted version.
    It depends on what you are looking for. If you use Linux more often than Windows, get the Linux version. This way you can create virtual machines such as Windows or other Linux distros in your main OS. Same applies for Windows, though vice-versa.

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