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    DVD-rom diagnosis tools

    i'm not sure whether is my dvd-rom fault problem or the disk get damaged and unreadable coz i found out that i get the error message shown from the media player that the cd may not able to read due either get damaged or unreadable. however the strange is my fren might able to read the files without showing any message and even the loading of the files seem much faster than mine.

    the question, is there any diagnosis tools to check for my dvd-rom drive? i just wan to make sure whether my drive would be fine.


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    A very easy way to determine if your DVD-Rom drive is broken is to try multiple DVDs (and even CDs) that you know work in other players. If your drive reads them then the drive is likely just fine. If this one disc is the only one it won't read, I'd put money on the disc being bad, not the drive.

    As far as your friend's drive reading it faster, do you mean it reads the whole disc faster (like a faster speed drive), or you mean there is less time between when you put the disc in the tray and close it and then windows pops up with the program to play the disc? Different drives will be more or less efficient at this, and the speed of the computer, how many things are currently running, etc. will also affect this time. If he has a faster computer and just booted to a fresh desktop to put the disk in and try it but you have your web browser, e-mail client and 14 other programs running all the while, his will seem to pop right up where yours will seem to take forever.

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