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    which language to use?

    I want to setup an online schedule for machine usage that people can view and update online rather than comming to me every time.

    I already have a website and can upload the program there.

    My question is what language should I use (java , pearl).

    Are such programs already available(free) that I can use .

    I have experience programming in C and C++ but setting up such a GUI interface is a pain and diversion from my tasks.

    So any freeware which, I can upload on my webpage is the best bet for me.

    Please feel free to give me any suggestions and links that I can peruse

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    some more info on exactly what you want this program to do will help out.

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    Additionally some info on the server your running and the software you used to make the website would be of help.
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    Hi all,
    Sorry for the small info.

    Okay first I don't know anything about web. So I can't tell you much. I need to learn more about it. So please let me know what I need to find out.

    Right now what I was thinking of doing is use the freely available webspace of yahoo to upload an online page
    This page would be a weekly schedule for using a CRT machine.
    So people can log in to the webpage and see the empty slots and put their name on it.

    I was hoping there would already developed application which one could easily upload.

    The backup plan would be to personally keep updating the schedule and uploading the html format to the website. The advantage simplicity the disadvantage I will have to take messages, e-mail etc. from people and update the page everytime there are changes.

    Any suggestions , comments will be appreciated

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